We know that disaster capitalists like Ress-Mogg will be hoovering up struggling companies while their shares are at bargain basement prices, yet off-shore leeches have the affront to expect to be bailed out by the tax payer.

If multi-national companies want our money, we’ll be needing shares in return, at their current market value.
How about a few more conditions?

  • Register in the UK for tax purposes.
  • Pay a living wage to all employees (the real living wage, not the thing the Tories like to call ‘the living wage’).
  • Recognise Trade Unions in all workplaces at all levels
  • Pay any back taxes (for now, we’ll let them off the interest)
  • In future, the highest-paid employee will receive no more than 20x the salary of the lowest-paid full-time employee

If they’re not keen, they don’t have to accept the bailout…
Add your own suggestions in the comments…

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